Strelske igre:: Pokemon

Strelska igra Pokemon. Kolikokrat lahko pokončaš Pikachu? Ok igra, da se navadiš na miško, drugače pa dolgočasna. Če ti ni všeč, se vrni na igre.

Pikachu Must Die

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Jamil - 3.8.2013 11:42
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Jovanna - 10.7.2012 10:00
jo-ann Stokes - The hassleblad blew me away on two pics eceasiplly as you could actually compare with your normal camera. They were the one of the couple under arch with the ivy and the one of the bride with lone red vine to her right .very impressive but totally out of my budget ..wish i get to your level, where they offer it to you lol!One of my favourite images was of your little boy following the wedding party beautiful photo ..it has an emotive element to it and tugs at the heart strings!Huge compliments to the wedding planners as well just loved the details and the frangipanni's in the bouquets were really beautiful!You have captured this wedding beautifully .but i never expected anything less from you .you have such a stunning eye for weddings!
h - 21.12.2010 16:40
UROŠ - 4.8.2009 8:10
B E D A !
- 10.4.2009 15:05
zlo so kul!!
=( - 1.3.2009 12:11
bed mi je u lajfu lol igrce so pa itax zani?!
=( - 1.3.2009 12:11
bed mi je u lajfu lol igrce so pa itax zani?!
=( - 1.3.2009 12:08
bed mi je u lajfu lol igrce so pa itax zani?!
uroš - 4.12.2008 19:05
razbil vas bom
lola - 8.11.2008 9:07
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lol to sploh ne dela
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